Calabria: The wine of champions

Calabria is a large Peninsula surrounded on three sides by water. An extensive mountain range runs through the region’s spine. The coastline is crowned with impressive towns built over steep cliffs, and it’s also in the seashores where you’ll discover the finest wine.
The region covers 15,080km2 (5,822sqmi) and is home to over two million people. Winters can be snowy, averaging  8 °C (46 °F) but the summers are quite warm with temperatures over 30 °C (86 °F), particularly in the east coast where wine grapes ripen to their fullest potential.

Although there are nine DOC protected wines, a handful of IGTs, and around ten popular grape varieties, the best wine in Calabria is labelled as Cirò.
Cirò Bianco is based on the Greco Bianco grape brought by the first Greek settlers.
Red Cirò is made with the famous Gaglioppo variety, and you’ll find it in distinct qualities, including Rosso, Superiore, and Riserva. The Classico version, made only around the town called Cirò, is one of the most beautiful renditions of the acclaimed red grape.

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