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Emilia Romagna: the grapes and the wines

Emilia Romagna owns 19 DOC (DOP) wine protected regions, including three for Lambrusco, nine IGPs and two prestigious DOCG: Colli Bolognesi Pignoletto and Romagna Albana.
The region’s vineyards are planted with over 18 distinct grapes, from which three covers over 50% of the area: Trebbiano (30%), Lambrusco (18%), and Sangiovese (16%).

For the finest wines in the region, try a DOCG level Tenuta Santa Lucia Albana di Romagna “Cru Artigianale”, it’s fruit-forward and floral and has a warm coating palate.
Reds are well represented too. Enjoy a different take of Sangiovese in a bottle of Tenuta Santa Lucia Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore “Taibo”. Black fruit and a gorgeous earth-scented palate with smooth tannins make this one a superb value. For an off the beaten path, the Tenuta Santa Lucia Rubicone Centesimino IGT “Centuplo” is for you. Bright cherry aromas and undergrowth in an easy-to-drink wine hard to forget.

Visit Emilia Romagna for the best meals of your life and taste the region’s gorgeous wines. If you can’t fly to Italy, don’t worry, let us send you the best wine bottles in the province to your doorstep.

-10% [SALE]

Rounded, intense and persistent bouquet with hints of ripe fruit, spice and vanilla. Smooth and sophisticated with a lingering finish.

-10% [SALE]

Savoury flavours of dark cherries and black stone fruits combine with notes of dried herbs, smoky oak, with a hint of coffee and vanilla in the background. A rounded, full-bodied red wine with a spicy, persistent and lingering aftertaste.

-12% [SALE]

Intense aromas of purple plums from the Sangiovese combine with softness and elegance from the late harvested Cabernet Sauvignon underpinned by sweet herbaceous notes from the Merlot to create a harmonious, smooth and velvety blend with a long finish.

-13% [SALE]

A delicate and harmonious blend, where Trebbiano fuses with Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc to yield a truly unique wine, judiciously balanced, graceful and self confident. Emphatic and lingering with fragrant pear and apple and just the right degree of crisp fruitiness.