Liguria: every wine connoisseur’s secret

Liguria makes around 80,000 hectoliters of wine in only 6000 ha of vineyards. There are over 100 different varieties planted in the ancient Ligurian slopes, but the six more important are Albarola, Bosco, Rossese, and Vermentino. The last one covering almost 50% of the vineyards (also known as Pigato.)
There are no DOCG wine designations in the area, but 8 DOC designations exist, from which the most representative is the Rossese di Dolceacqua / Dolceacqua DOC and the Riviera Ligure di Ponente DOC.

Maixei Rossese di Dolceacqua Superiore DOC “Barbadirame” is a beautiful example of the Ligurian red style. Made with the native Rossese grape, it offers aromas of wild strawberries, roses and violets over a clean, medium-bodied palate.
As for the white wines, always brimming of finesse and elegance, try a glass of Maixei Riviera Ligure di Ponente Pigato DOC. A dry wine with intense aromas of peaches and apricots adorned with citrus peel aromas and a refreshing aftertaste. For seafood dishes, there are few better wines in the world.

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