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Molise, a hidden gem

Molise is a small region that produces ten times less wine than prominent regions like Piedmont and 50 times less than the leading winemaking region of Veneto.
The small region has an important Agricultural role producing cereals, olive oil, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and, of course, wine. Quantity might not be a factor, but the quality is better than ever.

With 23,475 acres (9500ha) of vineyards, all planted with Montepulciano (51%), Trebbiano (12%), Cabernet Sauvignon, and the local Tintilia, Molise’s wine is 70% red, and it’s made within four DOCs and 2 IGP designations. 

Like Abruzzo, most of the quality wine is made with the grapes Montepulciano and Trebbiano under the umbrella designation Molise DOC or the more famous Biferno DOC.
Still, the local Tintilia, with its own Tintilia del Molise DOC established in 2011, is raising eyebrows locally and abroad. There are 65 ha / 161 acres of the unique red grape producing 24.330 cases of red and pink wine.



The wine has a greenish yellow color. The aromas are intense and fruity, with hints of ripe fruit and citrus. In the mouth it is pleasantly fresh, savory, balanced, with a good body and structure.


This wine has a beautiful ruby red color, with garnet reflections. The aromas on the nose highlight spicy aromas, alternating with hints that recall balsamic herbs and fruity nuances of cherries and raspberries. In the mouth it is fresh, medium-bodied and very soft thanks to the smooth tannin. It closes with a finish characterized by a slightly fruity aftertaste.