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Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2017 – Biondi-Santi

Full Body Red

In the glass, this wine has an intense ruby red colour. It opens with a graceful nose focusing on citrus peel with nuances of withered rose, spice and fresh red fruits. Balanced and delicate, on the palate, it delights with cherry flavours and red berry notes. Structured tannins and depth continue through to a long finish.

Availability: 6 in stock


Availability: 6 in stock

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About this wine

To produce the Brunello di Montalcino DOCG Biondi-Santi, when Franco Biondi-Santi was in charge, the winery harvested their grapes relatively early. However, Biondi-Santi now opt for a later harvest which allows for riper grapes and softer tannins. Fermentation was carried out on the skins for two weeks in concrete tanks at controlled temperatures not exceeding 30ºC. After vinification, the wine was aged in Slavonian oak barrels for 36 months. It also spent time in bottle before release.
This 150 hectare property, which abuts Costanti’s estate, has 26 hectares of vineyard split over three sites. The oldest of these plots is Il Greppo, laying at 500 metres above sea level; this is where the winery and house are situated. They also have vines down the hill to the east of Montalcino and to the north, close to Montosoli. Vineyards between 10 and 25 years of age are used for the Brunello. The vines are planted in soils characterised by heavy stone and marl, which helps reduce vigour and aid concentration of flavour in the grapes.
The Biondi Santi winery, firmly guided for decades by Franco Biondi Santi, has become a symbol of Montalcino, and today, under the guidance of his son Jacopo, it represents the undisputed reference point for all Brunello enthusiasts. A centuries-old history, made up of passion, competence and love for the territory, which began in the mid-19th century thanks to the work and passion of Clemente Santi, a man of letters and great landowner: in fact, he owns the Tenuta Il Greppo. Biondi Santi wines obtained their first important acknowledgments at the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1867, establishing themselves on the international wine scene for their multifaceted elegance. However, it was the historic vintage of 1888 that produced what we know today as Brunello di Montalcino. Many years have passed since then and the winery, always led by the Biondi Santi family, has been the subject of growing success, becoming a great name for Brunello di Montalcino. The fulcrum of the Biondi Santi winery coincides with the historic Tenuta Il Greppo: a total of 43 hectares of which 25 are populated by Sangiovese vineyards, where there are very old plants dating back even to 1930: the Greppo vineyard is in fact used for the splendid Reserve. We are located at an altitude between 350 and 570 meters, in ideal conditions for the production of Brunello. Long aging in barrels and extraordinary gustatory freshness are the cornerstones of the tradition of the family, symbol of Brunello. In fact, here are born those great wines that have written (and continue to write) the wonderful wine history of Montalcino and the world.

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