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Merlot 2016 – Graceland

Full Body Red

The nose is dominated by aromas of plums and blackberries with a subtle hint of caramel and mocha. Elegant in the mouth with soft tannins. The taste is dominated by the flavors of plums, blackberries, cranberries and black currants.

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About this wine

The grapes to produce the Merlot Graceland were harvested from vineyards planted in 2003. The wine was matured in French oak for 18 months, bottled unfiltered and unfined.
Graceland, owned by Susan and Paul McNaughton, is a family run boutique winery, specialising in red wine. Susan, the driving force behind the winery, takes on the roles of marketer, winemaker and viticulturist whilst Paul attends to the farm’s administration and financial needs. During harvest, everyone lends a hand, even the children and dogs. The Graceland wine making philosophy starts in the vineyard where no insecticides are used and minimal spraying. The most important decision each year is when to pick and this is done in small batches according to the microclimate which determines when each row becomes optimally ripe. As to winemaking, the winery is very natural in its approach: only grapes and nitrogen. Sulphur dioxide levels are considerably lower than average.

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