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Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC “Brumo” 2019 – San Silvestro

Full Body Red

A refined and stylish garnet coloured wine with a palate of ripe red cherries and spicy notes, typical of the Nebbiolo grape. The varietal fruit flavours and vanilla overtones lead to an elegant, lingering finish.

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About this wine

The grapes to produce Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC “Brumo” San Silvestro were carefully sorted, gently crushed and destemmed prior to fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 28 to 30°C. Maceration on the skins lasted 10 days, with daily pump-overs of the cap, ensuring good extraction of colour and flavours. Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC “Brumo” San Silvestro was aged for 12 months in large Slavonian oak casks, imparting complexity and rounding out the tannins. Nebbiolo, the noble variety from Piedmont, gets the name from ‘pruina’, a substance found on the skins of the berries that makes them look as though they are covered by fog. Fog translates as ‘nebbia’ or ‘bruma’ in Italian. Additionally, it is during the foggy season, between October and November that the Nebbiolo variety ripens, hence the name of the cuvée Nebbiolo d’Alba D.O.C. ‘Brumo’. The vines are planted in soils which are made up of marl clay and sand. The marl clay soils are typical of the Piedmont area and are known for imparting refreshing, natural acidity to the resulting wine. The sandy element of the soil is poor in nutrients so the vine develops deep roots which help to concentrate the flavours in the berries.
San Silvestro is located in the territory of the Commune of Novello. The grapes are mostly grown in the Langhe and from vineyards found in the Roero and the Monferrato regions. San Silvestro represents the continuation of a project begun by Giovanni Sartirano which has been passed down through four generations. Today it is run by cousins Paolo and Guido Sartirano and San Silvestro has gradually expanded beyond the local market and their wines can be found around the world.

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