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Shiraz “Righteous FG” 2012 – Teusner

Full Body Red

Tremendous intensity and concentration are behind this top cuvee from Teusner. Kym Teusner holds nothing back from this high scoring, powerful Shiraz. This benchmark style is what makes Barossa famous.

Availability: 36 in stock


Availability: 36 in stock

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About this wine

The grapes to produce Shiraz “Righteous FG” Teusner were carefully selected and then received the “Rolls Royce” treatment all the way! The Shiraz “Righteous FG” Teusner fermentation took place in open vats with twice daily pumpovers, increasing the contact between the skins and the juice, extracting both flavours and colour, resulting in this intense, concentrated style. Following the fermentation, the wine was aged in new oak barrels for a period of 18 months. The fruit is sourced from a single, dry vineyard, planted during the 1950’s. The grapes are grown on weather-beaten old vines, that endure year after year, in tough soils and produce tiny crops of small berries- just one tonne per acre, which are richly concentrated in flavour.
Teusner was established by Kym Teusner and Michael Page in 2001, its philosophy is to produce only exceptional, affordable wines by being very selective about the fruit, which is sourced from old, well maintained vineyards in Barossa. Teusner reliably produce balanced, complex fruit which are guided, with minimal input, into stunning wines. Kym decided to make the Righteous Shiraz because he wanted to showcase his own expression of what he considers the ultimate Barossa Valley Shiraz style…intense, powerful and long-lived.

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