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Spumante Metodo Classico Extra Brut “Inganno 572” – Calatroni – Case of 6 bottles


Straw yellow with light greenish reflections; fine and persistent bubble. Fresh, fruity flavor with savory notes, very pleasant

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Out of stock

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About this wine

The Riesling grapes of the Spumante Metodo Classico Extra Brut Inganno 572 Calatroni are grown at an altitude of 350 meters in the Casa Grande area on clayey and calcareous soil with a north, north-east exposure. The harvest is manual in boxes, followed by the pressing of the bunches with soft pressure-controlled pressing within half an hour. The Spumante Metodo Classico Extra Brut “Inganno 572” Calatroni undergoes primary fermentation in steel, then placed in the bottle and re-fermented at a controlled temperature; at the end of the fermentation process it rests for 9 months on the yeasts and is then put on the market about 2 months after disgorgement. NOTES: Riesling Italico is grown in the northernmost part of the farm where is reacher in limestone soils are found. The farm is in biological conversion: the land is cultivated following the agro-environmental precept with the minimum use of anti-parasitic substances and insecticides, fertilization is strictly organic. Calatroni wine was founded in 1964, when Luigi Calatroni, driven by the end of his sharecropping contract, decided to buy the vineyard of his former employer. In the following years the company grew and developed under the guidance of Fausto and Marisa Calatroni: having arrived at the third generation of winemakers, the company today combines the experience of tradition with the modern enological and agronomic techniques that the young brothers Cristian ( 37 years) and Stefano (32 years) have brought with professionalism and passion. The continuous technical improvements and the qualitative progresses have allowed the full valorization of the grapes of the vineyards of property, sites in the commune of Montecalvo Versiggia to an altitude comprised between 180 and 320 m.s.m.m., in an area particularly suited for the cultivation of the pinot noir The Oltrepò Pavese, with its 4100 hectares, is the third area planted with vines in the world for the production of pinot noir. Montecalvo Versiggia stands out in the territory as the first town in the Oltrepò area for the production of this vine: no less than 2/3 of its vineyard area is dedicated to the production of pinot noir. The Calatroni company interprets all the facets of the vine, producing Metodo Classico from pure pinot noir in white and pink, also in versions long refined on yeasts.

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