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Trento Pfaffe DOC Rose’ “Dosaggio Zero” N.V. – Baldessari

Straw yellow colour with fine and persistent perlage and soft foam, with complex hints reminiscent of the bread crust, at the taste, is extremely dry (typical of brut nature) of rare structure and finesse.

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About this wine

The Pfaffe Dosaggio Zero Baldessari It comes from Chardonnay grapes grown at about 700 meters above sea level in the Celva vine, one of the oldest. The plant is in Guyot, on a high slope terrain. The clusters of these grapes are small, and the firm, compact and crunchy berries are perfect sun-mirrors from which to obtain the base of power from the beautiful acidity and the brilliant aromas. After the “draft”, the bottles are stacked in the cellar to refer. The ageing on the yeast peels lasts at least 36 months, after which time the bottles are removed on the pupitres, and finally the disgorgement, which takes place with a simple refilling – without adding liqueur de expedition – and the subsequent capping. The Pfaffe Dosaggio Zero Baldessari has a straw-yellow color, with fine and persistent perlage and soft foam. Equipped with complex scents reminiscent of the bread crust, the taste is extremely dry. The grapes to produce Baldessari wine have thick and crunchy skins, capable of giving intense and marked aromas to the wines. The roots, not irrigated, carry very concentrated elements and nutrients from the soil that intensify the traces of the Trentino earth. This is why the wines produced by the Azienda Agricola Baldessari have a dense aroma, which reflects the characteristics of our territory. Wines capable of transmitting, as was the dream of the brothers Giuseppe and Marco Baldessari, essences of the sun, sky, woods, rain and ripe fruit. In short, poetry and land capable of giving life to unique products. “Baldessari wine is produced around the land surrounding the city of Trento and is managed according to the organic farming method for the antiparasitic defense we resort to the use of copper hydroxide and wettable sulfur at limited doses and defined for each treatment on the basis of climatic conditions in order to avoid damage to the pedofauna and accumulation in the soil, enological adjuvants and the use of sulfur dioxide. “- Michela Baldessari “… Pfaffe is our project, our dream of creating a wine capable of representing us, of transmitting our great passion and strong bond with the Celva vineyard that grows lonely s a land of high-slope morainic origin and ruler of the valley and the company nucleus almost as if to protect with its stubborn stubbornness the will to produce a sparkling wine made of thoughts, hands, pouring rain, wind, ripe bunches, humid soil, ancient seasons and future projects In another the chalices! ” MICHELA BALDESSARI

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