Terre Siciliane IGT Pinot Nero “Tenuta San Michele” 2016 – Murgo – Case of 6 bottles


From the first harvest in 2010 the producer tried to exalt the aromatic characteristics of the grape and the terroir in the highest way possible. In comparison to other wines of Pinot noir, the high minerality is impressing which is melting with the soft but determined tannins in a subtle way and bringing out the perceptions of red fruit and spices with elegance. Furthermore, you can perceive the presence of a sunny climate without penalizing the freshness and the fragrance. Striking for its great minerality that blends subtly with soft but firm tannins; exalts in an elegant way with the sensations of red fruit and spices. It is also perceived the presence of a sunny climate without this penalizing freshness and fragrance.

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