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Are you curious to learn more about Sardinian wines and their secrets? So, today I am in Sardinia, exactly in Sanluri, in the countryside surrounding Cagliari. In front of me there is a large gate and then a dirt path. Along the gravel road, I can feel silence and peace, unimaginable colours and a light wind. The horizon is made of rolling hills and plains. The path takes me to the top of the hill, where there is a modern building: the Su’Entu Winery. I’m ready to discover the Sardinian wines and share my experience on Shelved Wine Blog.

Shelved Wine – Su’Entu Vineyards


View of Su'entu WineryThe Su’Entu Winery was born from a dream of Salvatore Pilloni, current owner and founder. Sardinian by birth and entrepreneur by vocation.
Throughout his life, he worked in commerce, but for Salvatore, it was not enough.
So, he looked for a land to marry, and he found it in Sanluri. About 50 hectares of untouched land, where shepherds used to graze their flocks. As a good entrepreneur, he exposed his project to everyone, explaining the reasons why he had imagined his vineyards right there. Sanluri is a notoriously windy area, characteristic that allows creating a healthy environment for the vine. The wind keeps the plants always dry, completely eliminating problems of fungal origin. In 2009 Su’Entu opens its doors.

The name deriving from a word of the Sardinian dialect that means Vento in Italian, that means Wind, in English.

In 2015, Salvatore Pilloni restructured and reorganized the entire Estate. He follows the aim of growing his business and the popularity of his wines.

Thus, the family widens. Salvatore is joined by Piero Cella, a nationally renowned oenologist, and Andrea Balleri, Best Italian Sommelier in 2013, who will take care of the commercial management.
Salvatore had a brilliant idea, and above all, he had never lost the principle that had to lead him to open his company: to enhance the territory and the native vines. Check by yourself, consulting the company page dedicated to the awards.


Sublime and unique wines, which speak of the territory they come from and of the wind that caresses the grapes throughout the year. As a Shelved Wine Sommelier, I’m so excited to share with you my tasting experience of the most remarkable Sardinian wines!

Su'Entu Bovale DOC
Shelved Wine – Bovale DOC


The flagship wine of Su’Entu. The Bovale vine has never enjoyed popularity, and it has always been a grape destined to blend. Su Entu dared to make a wine with it, trying to valorise that bit scurvy grapes what the Bovale is. The Bovale retains a dark ruby colour, with purple shades, deep and impenetrable.

It has a pungent nose, full of fruity notes, mainly red fruits in spirit.

It presents hints of blackberry, juniper, black pepper and cloves, along with traces of Mediterranean scrub that snaps into a dash of sage. You will check also a nice set of evolutions such as a fine cocoa bitter nuance, liquorice and dusting coffee hints. In the mouth is austere, with an obvious alcoholic tone that leaves room for fruity and spicy flavours.
Tannins are silky, elegant and substantial but not intrusive. Bovale has a powerful vegetable note on the palate, represented by aromas of celery and leafy vegetables. Good texture, fills the palate with its softness, balancing by the tannins.
Then, it concludes with a long and pleasant persistence.




Su'Entu Cannonau DOC
Shelved Wine – Cannonau DOC


The king of Sardinian wines. Until recently its origin was unknown, and most of the experts thought that the Spanish imported it from the Iberian peninsula. However, recent studies have demonstrated its endemicity, recovering remains dating back to 3200 years ago.

This fact finds Cannonau as the oldest vine in the Mediterranean.

Cannonau retains a dark ruby colour, deep and impenetrable by light, in addition to orange shades. It shows the typicity of the Cannonau vine expressing flavours of very ripe strawberries, also black cherries, and plum jam. Herbaceous undertones come to the nose at a later time, with a reminiscence of rosemary and Mediterranean herbs and spices. In the mouth is dry and warm, as well as intense. You can feel the sunlight of southern Sardinia in this wine, unexpectedly rich in texture and aroma. In addition, the tannins are smooth, the consistency is lovable and the length is amazing.




Su'Entu Vermentino di Sardegna
Shelved Wine – Vermentino + di Sardegna DOC


Vermentino Più was born from the demand of the winery Su’Entu to create a representative wine of the smells and flavours typical of the world’s mildest sea.
It retains a straw yellow colour, with intense golden reflections. The traditional features of the Vermentino vine are all valorised by the refinement in Tonneaux. Above all, sapidity and minerality are the indisputable protagonists of the glass.

Vermentino Più expresses aromatic notes of yellow fruits such as pear Williams, white melon and dates.

There are also many citrus notes of pink grapefruit, which give excellent cleanness and complexity to the wine. In the mouth, it has a medium as well as pleasant texture. Vermentino Più shows a sour taste, with a clear chestnut note in the final. Furthermore, it has great persistence and drinkability. Vermentino Più is a new way of interpreting a grape that in recent years is becoming more and more popular.

Discover also Vermentino di Sardegna DOC 2016


Shelved Wine – Su’Entu Winery Entrance

Su’entu’s magic has captured my attention and will remain impressed in my memory. How do you forget a place like this?
All the staff has been able to transmit me the philosophy of the company. From its conception to the daily work done for the continuous search for quality.

I will not be surprised to hear about Su’Entu and their Sardinian wines in the next years.

Thank you so much!

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