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Have you ever been in Italy? Now, you can easily find cheap flights to the “Bel Paese”, at every hour of the day. If you didn’t book yet, I suggest you do early. I know that Italian people are not perfect. Our organisation is weak compared to other countries, and we have an insurmountable bureaucracy. Fortunately, we also have so many treasures that leave people breathless! Travelling Italy with Shelved Wine.

The North is different from the South because Italy is a narrow, long stretch of land surrounded by the sea. This “rule” also applies to wine, which manifests peculiarity rarely available in any other part of the world. To discover more travelling Italy!

Italian people are influential not only in wine but also in food, art, culture and natural beauty. Italy is a beautiful country offering many reasons to visit. I focus on the food and wine aspects, but some hints about geography and history never hurt.

Italian Hills
Travelling Italy with Shelved Wine – Italian Hills. Photo by


An aspect of Italy that impresses tourists is the climate, often mild and pleasant. Italian sunny days are perfect both for visiting a city of art and for enjoying the beautiful seaside.

In any Italian city, you can admire the historical monuments, then you can also enjoy a lunch with local food and wines. There is not a region in Italy that does not offer culinary pearls that will surprise you. From Valle d’Aosta to Sicily, Italy is a collection of top-quality products that amaze every taste.

Each area has its typical products that have shaped the authentic culinary traditions. There are indeed many foods, gastronomic items and wines that characterise every Italian region. A great Italian wines selection is waiting for you on Shelved Wine!

I can not tell you what is the best region because each of them has a peculiarity in the Italian tradition. Do you want some examples?
After an excellent skiing in the valleys of South Tyrol, you can enjoy the traditional Speck in combination with an elegant Pinot Noir. You can also find yourself in the squares of Verona to drink Amarone from Valpolicella remembering Shakespeare’s love phrases.
What about the immense Barolo from Langhe, Unesco heritage in Piemonte? You will surprise in front of a dish of pasta with Alba white truffle on top.

The journey can continue in the Renaissance streets of Florence’s historic centre. There you can combine a fantastic Chianti Classico Reserve with the classic Florentine steak. At this point, however, you can not stop your trip. You have to go to Naples, to enjoy the typical Neapolitan fish cuisine along with the white wines such as the Greco di Tufo or the Fiano di Avellino.

Finally, even further south, you will be waiting for Sicilian uniqueness combining warm beaches, unique archaeological sites, a kitchen that ranges between fish and ground. You will drink an excellent red wine from Mount Etna or a timeless Marsala. Don’t miss to enjoy the typical sweet pastry art of the island.

If you want to cross the Tyrrhenian Sea and go to Sardinia, you will find a rustic kitchen made of cheese, sheep and pork-beef. Discover the Vermentino di Gallura, Cannonau or an excellent and rare Vernaccia from Oristano.
Did you like travelling Italy with Shelved Wine? I hope so and in the next paragraph I will describe you the variables that Italian wine can offer you.

Italian Sea
Travelling Italy with Shelved Wine – Italian Sea. Photo by


Italy is the country with the highest number of native vines, more than 500. No other country in the world can boast of a similar variety that gives birth to an endless range of wines.
I guess you will already know some types of Italian wines such as Chianti, Barolo, Brunello di Montalcino or Amarone. Well, it means you already know the greatness of our wines, but I can assure you that we also have many other varieties that deserve to be tasted.

In Italy, of course, there are wines produced by so-called “international” vines, which are present in many parts of the world. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, to name a few, are the basis of many wines in various regions of Italy. Indeed, there are fine Italian wines that make these vines their base. Do the Sassicaia and Masseto names tell you something? The first is principally Cabernet Sauvignon, the second instead of Merlot.

The climate and the various soils of the twenty Italian regions are the basis of the diversity between the Italian wines.
Other countries, such as France or Spain, also have great wines, but they can’t offer the same range of wine variety like Italy.
In the next articles, I will talk about individual regions so that you will be able to know the own regional productions.


The answer is No! I do not take the responsibility of choosing the best Italian wine or vine. Obviously, I have my preferences, but I am not willing to share it at the moment.
When dealing with such serious arguments, it is important to be objective and curious to find out what you do not know yet.

I recommend you do the same: follow the path that we will analyse for every Italian region and get into the game to find out all the amazing wines that are there.
The journey across the Italian wines will surprise you. Discover all the sides of Italy to find the hidden beauties in every area.
Follow me on a trip to across the Italian regions. You’ll discover how much you have not seen yet!


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