The 2021 wine trends

No matter what, 2021 will definitely be better than 2020. The future looks bright, and that means we can go back to enjoying our favorite fermented drink — wine.

The wine industry is ever changing. Trends come and go and wine lover’s preferences change too. This is actually a good thing; you never get bored with wine.

So, what can we expect from this new and exciting year wine-wise? What will be our wine of choice to quench our thirst during the year? Here are some of the strongest wine trends for 2021.

1. Lesser, But Better Wine

The global pandemic took a toll on all of us, including wineries around the world. Business hasn’t been good, to say the least. With not enough people to harvest the grapes, with most restaurants shutting down indefinitely, and with many people losing their jobs, wine sales have plummeted.

This has made most wine makers reduce their production, and it’s the lesser wines and not the icons which get cut first. Expect to see less variety on the wine shelves. The year’s wine supply will be low, but most of it will be of amazing quality.

2. Wine Subscriptions

If people can’t go out for a glass of wine, then they have to enjoy it at home. This has made wine clubs and subscriptions boom. Wine enthusiasts are not giving up on wine, so they need new, innovative ways to fill those cellars.

Expect new and exciting wine subscriptions in all styles and price ranges. Wine from all over the world delivered right to your doorstep. If you can’t go to wine, let it come to you.

3. Online Wine Tastings

Wine education programs, especially wine courses that you can take from home, will become more popular. Calling over some friends for a wine tasting is more frequent, too.

Distance wine tastings hosted by wine experts and sommeliers are booming, as people are making good use of Zoom, Skype and other communication networks to enjoy wine and increase their tasting skills.

At the end of the day, enjoying a nice bottle alone is no fun, so why not get together with like-minded people, even if it’s only virtually? Well, expect to see much more of that this year.

4. Lesser-Known Grape Varieties and Unexplored Wine Regions

With increasing wine education and more wine drinkers choosing their wine online, you’ll also see wine curiosity spike. This means people will soon walk out of their comfort zone to try different wines made with lesser-known grapes and from not-so-popular wine regions.

Autochthonous grape varieties might finally hit the mainstream, and perhaps we’ll see less of the good old Cabernet and Chardonnay. Wine from Eastern European countries and South America might take center stage this year. With over 4,000 wine grapes out there and over 70 countries making wine, this is good news, especially if you’re looking for new, exciting experiences.

Wine Isn’t Going Anywhere

We’re sure you can’t wait for things to get better, and 2021 looks promising.
The good news? Despite the circumstances, wine will prevail. Wine has overcome as empires rise and fall, it’s still here after world wars and economic recessions. Wine will still be here after the global pandemic.

Pour yourself a glass of fine wine and relax. This year will be exciting for wine lovers, aren’t all are?

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