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There are occasions when choosing a bottle of wine is really difficult, whether you are an expert in the field or not. It is up to everyone to find themselves having to choose a bottle of wine, perhaps for a family dinner or for a business one. What do you do in those moments? The risk of making a fool is very high. Try invoking the God Wine to enlighten you? Are you waiting for Batman to help you? You can not. There is only you and a shelf full of bottles with complicated labels. Do not panic, follow this short guide by Shelved Wine.

In the previous article, I explained what are the points to respect to choose a bottle of wine. Today, however, I want to recommend some wine in particular, for particular occasions. I, too, found myself in trouble when I had to choose a bottle of wine for my grandmother’s birthday. Later I’ll tell you how it went.


During the holidays you cannot escape family lunches. My aunt (who is a teetotaler!) would be able to find me even if I hide in Siberia. Everyone cooked something or bought a present, the table is set and something very good is browning in the oven. How do you be there without even a bottle of wine? The wine makes everyone agree and warms the hearts. Also, bring a plant or a bouquet for your teetotaler auntie.

Bottle of Wine
Shelved Wine – Italian Family Lunch

First of all, I give you an advice: do not be a know-all. I mean, do not risk falling into the trap of those who want to amaze at all costs. Therefore, do not overdo it.

Choose a simple, convivial, wine that can be appreciated by all palates.

For example, if you want to bring a red wine, a good choice could be the Dolcetto d’Alba DOC 2016 by Giuseppe Cortese. Dolcetto is a typical vine of Piedmont, which gives rise to fruity wines, medium structured, and rich in freshness.

If instead, you want to bring a white wine, you could enchant everyone with a wine from Central Italy. For example, the Grechetto IGT “Dei Piaceri” 2016 by Cantine Schippa. Why does this wine enchant? It is made only with grapes grown according to organic farming standards. If you think that an organic wine can arouse perplexities, choose a Soave DOC, as Umberto Portinari’s “Albare” 2015. Albare is a dry and crisp white, full of pleasant mineral notes. You will not regret your choice!


Shelved Wine
Shelved Wine – Casa Cecchin

Finally tonight you will go out together. Anxieties? We all have them and sometimes they are difficult to control. A bottle of wine can be a good idea to calm the tension. Do not risk a respiratory crisis, and propose a bottle of Italian sparkling wine. Franciacorta DOCG Brut of La Fioca is a perfect to enjoy an aperitif or starters. It is rich in acidity and salty notes, it will leave your mouth clean after every sip. For a finer perlage, however, I recommend the Durello IGT “Nostrum” 2012, a sparkling wine with a very pleasant persistence. Bubbles are often synonymous with toast and well-being, but also with a romantic atmosphere.

How do you say? Does the person accompanying you do not like bubbles? 

Do not panic, ignore the sweating of your hands and throw yourself in the choice of a red wine. Shelved Wine Sommelier is here to help you! No more mistakes, be brave and choose an elegant red. Like the Bolgheri DOC “Imeneo” 2015, a soft and well-structured red, coming from the most beautiful area of Tuscany. Amaze your company with this anecdote: Imeneo was the son of Bacchus and Venus, the god invoked in the most important ceremonies to accompany the most joyful moments.


Bottle of Wine
Shelved Wine – Picture by

Anxiety and stress. Stress and anxiety. Do you want to make a good impression on your boss? You must be impeccable in dressing, in the discussions, in the choice of the restaurant. I would not allow myself to make mistakes even on the choice of the wine bottle. And you?

I would try to stay in a comfort zone, choosing a type of popular wine. For example, Barolo DOCG Bussia 2013 by Giacomo Fenocchio or the Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2012 by Baricci.

They are a classic of Italian oenology, they have a fascination that strikes at the first glance and you’ll be able to please your boss, who will remember having had a nice evening drinking a great wine.
If you want to surprise your boss, I suggest you take a look at Oliviero Toscani’s OT Wine 2011, too. A great wine, but less popular. Trust me! And trust Shelved Wine!


Shelved Wine
Shelved Wine – Mani di Luna

This is the nicest and most enjoyable occasion. With the lifetime friends, you shared everything, beautiful and ugly moments, travels, evenings, disasters and many other experiences. During the meal, the atmosphere will be entertaining and even the wine must be in line with it.

Well, you do not need to overdo. I recommend Pose Col Fondo, a sparkling white wine from the Colli Trevigiani, bottled with its fermentation yeasts. Genuine and simple, above all, drinkable. If you prefer a classic red wine, the choice can be a Vermentino Nero IGT 2015 by Terre Apuane.

For something not-so-classic, I recommend you Trebbiano IGT “Il Baratto” 2015 by Fattoria Mani di Luna, an unbelievable organic white that will surprise all your friends!

You are with your friends, you know them, so I don’t have more recommendations. Have fun, guys! Next time, remember of Shelved Wine Sommelier and invite me too!


Do you feel more confident in choosing wine? Was I able to give you a useful guide to follow? Obviously, these are cues that you need to deepen and improve with time and knowledge of wine.

There are no magic recipes or even accelerated courses to know wine better. The wine must be tried, lived and absolutely drank!


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