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Solea, Roagna 2020

Full Body Red

Roagna’s 2020 Solea is a remarkable Nebbiolo from Piedmont. Bursting with vibrant red fruit and floral notes, it reveals the vintage’s character. The wine’s structured palate and finesse exemplify Roagna’s commitment to quality winemaking, providing a captivating journey through the distinctive terroir of this esteemed Italian estate.

Availability: 6 in stock


Availability: 6 in stock

Characteristics & Details

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About this wine

In the heart of Piedmont, Roagna’s 2020 Solea emerges as a captivating testament to the intersection of tradition and innovation in winemaking. Crafted from Nebbiolo, this wine captures the essence of the vintage, showcasing both the unique characteristics of the grape and the distinctive terroir of the region.Upon pouring, the Solea reveals a brilliant ruby hue, offering a visual hint at the vibrancy that awaits. The nose is an aromatic bouquet, an olfactory journey through the Piedmontese landscape. Vibrant red fruit takes center stage, with cherries and raspberries intermingling and a subtle hint of strawberries adding complexity. Beneath the fruit, delicate floral notes, reminiscent of roses and violets, lend an elegant touch.As the wine graces the palate, it unfolds with a structured and well-balanced expression. The red fruit character persists, complemented by refined tannins that provide a framework for the wine’s overall harmony. There’s a subtle interplay of acidity that adds brightness and ensures a lingering finish, inviting you to savor each sip.What sets Solea apart is not just its exceptional winemaking but also Roagna’s commitment to expressing the true identity of Piedmont’s terroir. The Nebbiolo grapes are sourced from carefully tended vineyards, and the winemaking process emphasizes minimal intervention, allowing the fruit to shine authentically. The result is a wine that reflects both the vintage’s character and the distinct qualities of Roagna’s vineyards.The 2020 vintage, marked by unique weather patterns, contributed to the singular personality of Solea. The grapes benefited from favorable conditions, allowing for optimal ripening and flavor development. The result is a wine that encapsulates the nuances of the growing season, providing a snapshot of the Piedmontese landscape during that particular year.Solea is not just a wine; it’s a reflection of Roagna’s dedication to quality and the rich winemaking heritage of Piedmont. Whether enjoyed in its youth or allowed to evolve with aging, this Nebbiolo is a versatile companion at the table. Its structured elegance makes it a delightful pairing with classic Italian dishes, particularly those featuring truffles or hearty meats.In every aspect, Roagna’s 2020 Solea is an ode to the land, the grape, and the artistry of winemaking. It invites enthusiasts to embark on a sensory journey through Piedmont, where tradition meets innovation, and each bottle is a testament to the enduring legacy of this esteemed Italian estate.

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