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Vidiano 2022 – Idaia Winery

Fruity & Aromatic

Delicate aromatic characters of ripe pear, stone fruits and melon, lead to a refreshing acidity which balances the rich and charming palate. With an impressively aromatic finish, this is the quintessential introduction to the Vidiano grape.

Availability: 24 in stock


Availability: 24 in stock

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Following a thorough inspection at the winery, the grapes to produce Vidiano Idaia Winery were preserved for 24 hours at very low temperatures. The grapes were destemmed and then cold maceration took place for approximately six hours. The free-run juice was removed without pressing. After a cold settling, the wine was fermented with carefully selected yeasts which highlight the aromatic characters of this variety. The Vidiano Idaia Winery fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks for 10 to 12 days at a controlled temperature of 15°C to retain the characteristics of the Vidiano grape. The winemaking philosophy is to create wines which showcase the quality of the indigenous varieties.The indigenous variety of Vidiano (pronounced Vid-ee-an-O) is grown in the Dafnes subregion of Heraklion, in a vineyard located in a semi mountainous area at an altitude of 400 to 500 metres above sea level. The calcium-rich, clayish soil, the very low yielding vines and the distinctive microclimate, which is formed by the cool Aegean summer breeze, combine to create a unique terroir in which the Vidiano variety thrives.
Idaia Winery is a boutique family-run winery situated in the Venerato, a charming village in the heart of the vineyards of the Malevizi district. Idaia Winery is owned by husband and wife oenologists Vasilis Laderos and Calliope Volitaki, they specialise in producing wines from indigenous varieties and use their extensive knowledge, experience and passion to create these superb wines with strong personalities. Showcasing varietals such as Vidiano and Vilana, these crisp, dry mouth-watering whites are truly expressive of the terroir of Crete.

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