“Discovering the Greek Gem: Malagousia – A Symphony of Flavors from Ancient Vines”


Uncorking the Secrets of Malagousia: A Journey Through Greece’s Treasured Wine When it comes to the world of wine, Greece has been hiding an enigmatic gem that is finally stepping into the spotlight – Malagousia. This ancient varietal has been resurrected from near extinction to grace our palates with a symphony of flavors that mesmerizes […]

Wine History – When the cork met the bottle

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The role of the Church in the production and marketing of wine declined with the Reformation, particularly in northern Europe, but this did not convulse the wine world half as much as the discovery of the usefulness of corks about a century later. For the first time since the Roman empire, wine could now be stored and aged in bottles.

A Look at the Steps of Making Wine

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If you are a true wine connoisseur, the next step in appreciating a fine wine may be to make your own wine at home. While the process may seem to be complicated, wine can be made rather easily at home. Before beginning the process of making your own wine at home it is important to understand the basic steps of winemaking. In order to make wine at home you will need either grape concentrate or grapes.