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Barolo DOCG Riserva 1985 – Borgogno

The Borgogno’s Barolo DOCG Riserva 1985 is a time-honored masterpiece, showcasing the beauty of aged Nebbiolo. Its tawny hue hints at decades of evolution, while aromas of dried fruit, leather, and tobacco enchant the senses. The velvety palate, softened tannins, and enduring finish epitomize the enduring excellence of this classic Barolo Riserva.

Availability: 6 in stock


Availability: 6 in stock

Characteristics & Details

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About this wine

The Borgogno’s Barolo DOCG Riserva 1985 stands as a vinous time capsule, offering a glimpse into the rich history and enduring quality of traditional Barolo wines. This Riserva, a designation reserved for exceptional vintages subjected to extended aging, epitomizes the commitment to excellence that defines Borgogno, a venerable estate with roots tracing back to the 18th century.In the glass, the Barolo 1985 reveals a tawny, brick-like hue, a telltale sign of extensive bottle aging. This evocative color suggests the wine has gracefully evolved over the decades, shedding its youthful crimson for a more nuanced and complex palette. On the nose, the aromas are profound and beguiling. Dried fruit compote, including figs and raisins, intertwines with tertiary notes of leather, tobacco, and hints of forest floor. There’s an ethereal quality, capturing the essence of mature Nebbiolo.The palate is a testament to the wisdom of patience. Silky and velvety, the tannins have softened over time, creating a harmonious and integrated structure. Flavors of dried cherries, balsamic, and a whisper of truffle dance across the tongue, delivering a symphony of mature and refined nuances. The wine’s enduring finish leaves a lasting impression, a testament to the age-worthy nature of Barolo.Borgogno’s meticulous winemaking and commitment to traditional methods are evident in the 1985 Barolo Riserva. Crafted from Nebbiolo grapes sourced from the esteemed Barolo vineyards, the wine underwent prolonged maceration and extensive aging in large Slavonian oak casks, allowing it to develop complexity and depth.This Barolo Riserva 1985 not only provides a sensorial journey but also speaks to the historical significance of Borgogno as a guardian of Barolo’s winemaking heritage. It is a wine that encapsulates the passage of time, showcasing the enduring allure of well-aged Barolo and the legacy of a renowned estate that has contributed to the region’s winemaking identity.In conclusion, Borgogno’s Barolo DOCG Riserva 1985 is a vinous masterpiece, offering a profound experience for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. It is a living testament to the aging potential of Barolo, revealing the grace and complexity that time imparts to this noble wine.

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