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Cornas ‘Les Combes’, Mark Haisma 2021

The Mark Haisma 2021 Cornas ‘Les Combes’ is an enticing red wine that exemplifies the essence of the Cornas appellation in the Northern Rhône. Crafted by the skilled hands of Mark Haisma, this vintage from the ‘Les Combes’ vineyard showcases the winemaker’s commitment to producing wines of exceptional quality. Pouring a deep, inky hue, the wine presents an aromatic symphony of dark fruits, violets, and subtle hints of black pepper. On the palate, it unravels a rich tapestry of flavors, with blackberries and black currants taking center stage, accompanied by a touch of spice. The 2021 vintage beautifully captures the unique terroir of Cornas, and Haisma’s expertise results in a wine that balances power with elegance, making it a standout choice for those seeking a memorable expression of Northern Rhône Syrah.

Availability: 24 in stock


Availability: 24 in stock

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