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Drama “Exis” White 2022 – Manolesakis Estate

This enticing blend of two Greek varieties delivers dynamic aromatic fruit characters, fused with a hint of orange blossom and tropical notes of melon, peach, pineapple and apricot. Smooth and creamy on the palate with a refreshing and beautifully balanced acidity through to an aromatic finish.

Availability: 24 in stock


Availability: 24 in stock

Characteristics & Details

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About this wine

The healthy and perfectly ripened grapes of Drama “Exis” White Manolesakis Estate were carefully selected and the two varieties were vinified separately. A pre-fermentation cool maceration took place, to extract the rich aromatics. Only the free run juice was used for the fermentation, which took place in stainless steel tanks to retain the maximum aromatic character. Following the alcoholic fermentation, maturation on fine lees took place for two months, imparting body and a smooth texture to Drama “Exis” White Manolesakis Estate. Blending took place prior to bottling.The vineyards are situated in Drama, in the region of Macedonia. The Malagousia (pronounced Mah-lah-gou-ZYA) and Assyrtiko (Ah-SEER-tee-koe) vines are grown at 200 to 300 metres above sea level, where the climate is favourable for grape cultivation. The vines are grown in mostly clayish and argil soils. With every new vintage, the quality of the fruit increases.
Stavros Manolesakis and his father George Manolesakis started creating their own vineyards in 1989, planting Greek varieties alongside international varieties. Embracing the philosophies of culture, love and a passion for winemaking, it prompted them to establish their own wine company: Manolesakis Estate in 1999. Keen to experiment and break winemaking boundaries, they have equipped the winery with the latest technological machinery, in order to produce the best results.

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