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Hondarribia Txakoli 2022 – Hiruzta

Rich aromas of crisp apples, pear, grapefruit and tropical pineapple are enhanced by a subtle, natural effervescence. Balanced and fresh on the palate, it has the slight characteristic of a pearl wine with a well integrated crisp acidity, hints of citrus and tropical fruits and a long aromatic finish.

Availability: 36 in stock


Availability: 36 in stock

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Hondarrabi Zuri, Gros Manseng





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About this wine

Hondarribia Txakoli Hiruzta was vinified in Hirutza’s state-of-the-art winery. The manually harvested grapes were destemmed, crushed, rinsed and gently pressed. Cold static settling then took place at 8 to 10°C, prior to fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled low temperatures. Hondarribia Txakoli Hiruzta  was stored in tanks at a cool temperature to maintain the naturally occurring carbonic gas. Gently clarified and stabilised before bottling.Hiruzta (pronounced “Ir-rosster”) is an estate winery. The grapes are grown in their 11 hectare single vineyard, located at the foothills of Jaizkibel mountain, just 500 metres away from the Cantabric Sea. The salty sea breeze influence is one of the main characteristics that can be appreciated in the Hiruzta Txakoli (pronounced “Chaccoli”). The climate is wet and rainy, so the vines are planted in a south-westerly orientation to maximise the potential sunshine onto the vines and to protect from the winds and damp conditions from the nearby sea. The double Guyot trained vines are planted at a density of 4,000 per hectare. Trellises are used to avoid the high humidity, to increase airflow and to gain more exposure to the sunlight during the day. The soils have a thick bedrock layer and are clayish marl.
The Hiruzta Txakoli Winery project was launched by the Rekalde Family, with the aim of restoring the tradition of Txakoli production in Hondarribia. The town lends its name to the grape variety from which Txakoli is produced – the Hondarrabi Zuri. The tradition of producing this wine was lost in the 17th century, but is now being restored thanks to the Hiruzta Txakoli Winery project and involvement of resident oenologist Ana Martin, a key figure in the project. She is renowned for her professional expertise in creating outstanding white wines and Txakolis and her work has garnered countless awards.

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