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Malbec 2020 – Catena Zapata

Full Body Red

This is an incredibly fresh and elegant, perfectly balanced wine with well-integrated wood and precise flavours. Catena Malbec is young, floral, and juicy, a pure single-variety wine with all the typicity of its grapes and the refined austerity of an honest wine. The Malbec grapes give it revealing aromas and a smooth velvety texture – all neatly rounded up with a long, dry and pleasant finish.

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Availability: 116 in stock

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The Malbec Catena Zapata goes through an extensive cold maceration for 5 days at 48ºF (8,8ºC) to extract aromas. The juice is then fermented for 12 days with a post-fermentation maceration of 19-22 days. Wild Yeasts. Elevage: 12 months in barrel. Barrel selection varies depending on vineyard and vintage – First, second and third use barrels used.The Catena wines are a special assemblage of three Vineyards divided into lots that are harvested at different times: Lunlunta 3,018 ft (920m) elevation: aluvial origin. Loamy clay in the topsoil with rounded rocks on the bottom. El Cepillo, Eugenio Bustos 3,593 ft (1,090 m) elevation: aluvial origin. Loam-sandy soil with thick calcareous layers and rounded rocks on the bottom. Gualtallary 4,757 ft (1,450 m) elevation: aluvial origin. Gravel and limestone soil. Rounded rocks in the bottom.
Catena, a family-run winery, offers excellent wines made from a skilful combination of grapes from different vineyards. To sign these special bottles are Laura Catena, current representative of four generations of winemakers, and Alejandro Vigil, chief enologist of Catena Zapata. The wines from this winery are ready to be tasted the moment they enter the market and are still appreciated many years later. For decades, in fact, Catena Zapata has been investing in the study of the microclimatic conditions at high altitudes of the Mendoza area, where its historic vineyards are located. Combined harmoniously, the Malbec grapes harvested in the different vineyards give life to a wine with a unique character, balanced and rich in structure, which fully expresses the typicality of the grape. The wide olfactory bouquet and the exuberance to the taste are the mirror of the varied composition of the soils and of the multitude of microclimates and altitudes in which the grapes grow.

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