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Tintilia del Molise DOC “66” 2012 – Claudio Cipressi

Light Reds

This wine has a red color with reflections on the garnet, lively and brilliant. Balsamic and spicy notes prevail on the nose, with a background of black cherries and berries. In the mouth it is soft, round and enveloping. An important red wine, full-bodied and ideal if enjoyed during a dinner with friends or relatives. Structured and elegant, it will be the right match if proposed together with savory and tasty main courses.

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Availability: 3 in stock

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To produce Claudio Cipressi’s Tintilia del Molise DOC “66”, an accurate selection of the grapes is carried out. Maceration takes place for at least 10-12 days without ever exceeding 26°C followed by 36 months of aging in wood.Tintilia is a native Molise vine that has its roots over the centuries and has been recovered and raised in its land of origin for some years. The vineyards of these grapes grow at an average height of about 600 meters.Claudio Cipressi winery is located in Molise, a beautiful region with a unique landscape. It is largely uncontaminated and the vineyards have great potential, which is why Claudio cultivates 16 hectares with enthusiasm. San Felice del Molise, a timeless place where rhythms are still linked to a pristine nature. A thousand-year-old historical context immersed in the traditions and culture of doing, between perched countries and fairy-tale scenery. It is here, at almost 600 meters high, that Claudio Cipressi winery cultivates its vineyards and produces its wine, every day with the same intensity and care as ever. Claudio’s cultivation method is strictly organic out of respect for the environment and the farm is officially certified as organic since 2014. He is extremely picky in choosing which grapes to harvest, selecting each bunch by hand. In the wine cellar he uses a traditional, non invasive method to process the grapes. He pays a lot of attention to the temperature of the grape must and to accurately use the barrels for perfecting the wine.This winery is part of Fivi- Vignaioli Indipendenti. 

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