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Chianti Colli Fiorentini DOCG “Montebetti” 2019 – Podere Gualandi

Full Body Red

This deliciously fresh Chianti Colli Fiorentini reveals a complex nose of red fruits, cherry, liquorice, undergrowth and leather. Medium bodied with lively red fruits on the palate Barbecued T-bone steak, steamed pork spare ribs with black bean.

Availability: 34 in stock


Availability: 34 in stock

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Sangiovese, Colorino





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About this wine

The grapes of the Chianti Colli Fiorentini Riserva Montebetti Podere Gualandi are grown at an altitude of 250 m on alberese soil. During the harvest a selection of the grapes is made in August and September, a part of the production is therefore eliminated. The Sangiovese bunches are also lightened where necessary. Grapes are harvested by hand using traditional bigonce. During the vinification a part of the grapes is crushed with stalks and inserted in the oak vats for fermentation together with the de-stemmed one; maceration lasts about 2 weeks and takes place in the presence of peels and stalks. Chianti Colli Fiorentini Riserva DOCG Podere Gualandi is aged in the best barrels for 2-3 years and then bottled.

NOTES: wine included in the “Interpretations” project. “From the passion for history and archeology arises the desire to produce wine inspired not only by modern ecological knowledge, but also by many of the winemaking techniques present in the ancient Tuscan tradition. The soils are composed as follows: Pleistocene and alberese clay-sandy. In the vineyard each plant produces a maximum of 900 grams of grapes and the vines are kept together with the alberello method, low spurred cordon or guyot for the old vines. For one hectare, the overall average yield does not exceed 60 quintals. of the vine they are hand-hooped and the plants are treated with Bordeaux mixture.The wine is made using the same traditional methods used in the past in large parts of Tuscany.For this reason, inside the cellars, modern technologies are almost completely banned and the materials used are the same as those that were used fifty or a hundred years ago.The fermentation of the must takes place in open truncated cones or in Italian Slavonian oak barrels. ” GUIDO GUALANDI

The art of “making wine”, Podere Gualandi use a method to intervene in the winemaking process as little as possible so that the “terroir” can express itself fully. The wines are the result of thorough and careful research as well as hard work and dedication. The focus on rediscovering grapes of the region and applying ancient wine-making processes with a modern twist means these new wines offer the palate unique flavours of the past.All it takes is one sip of Guido Gualandi’s wine to realize that they are the product of dedicated personal passion.Guido Gualandi is an archaeologist specialising in Mesopotamian art, he has studied extensively ancient winemaking processes from the ancient Mediterranean. He is also a painter and Professor of History of Food and Wine in the Mediterranean. His wines are a reflection of his passion for history and for the land and nature of Tuscany.He combines traditional Tuscan wine-making techniques, the ones that others have left behind for more industrial production methods, with a modern understanding of the wine-making process to produce a variety of unique wines.Produced without the use of modern machinery, leaving aside industrial methods, these wines’ roots reach back centuries to Tuscany’s past.Unlike current wines, which are made following modern canons of wine-making and too often result in similar flavours produced all over the world,Gualandi seeks to offer you a genuine taste experience that remains faithful to the tradition of the land, the vineyards and the grapes that grow there. Guido specialises in old Tuscan grape variety such as Foglia Tonda, Pugnitello and old variety of Sangiovese such as the “abrusco”. These grape varieties were abandoned more than a century ago but thanks to the University of Florence have been re-discovered.

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