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Author name: Shelved Wine

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Wine Trends 2021, What To Expect This Year?

No matter what, 2021 will definitely be better than 2020. The future looks bright, and that means we can go back to enjoying our favorite fermented drink — wine. The wine industry is ever changing. Trends come and go and wine lover’s preferences change too. This is actually a good thing; you never get bored with wine.

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Wines Of Chile

Chile is the third-largest wine-producing country in America, after the United States and Argentina. Chile makes astounding wine, but they know how to market it too; they have positioned themselves as a great source for good-valued wine and have conquered the hearts of wine enthusiasts in all corners of the earth.

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Wine Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here again, and with it, romantic dinners and a nice time with that special someone. Whether or not you’re into all the Valentine’s Day’s gadgetries and traditions, including stuffed teddy bears, chocolates and heart-shaped greeting cards, you must agree it’s a great time to pop open a bottle of wine.

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