Emanuele Vittorio, together with his wife Luciana Sabino, gave life to the “Antiche Cantine Migliaccio” farm in 2000 which, preserving the ancient traditions but using modern winemaking techniques, availing some years of the oenologist Vincenzo Mercurio’s professionalism, produces wines that we can define “unique”, thanks to the pedoclimatic conditions of this magical place. Punta Fieno is one of the few unspoilt places on the island of Ponza. The difficult access by land (40 minutes on foot along a mule track in full Mediterranean scrub) a non-existent landing by sea, which consists of jumping from the boat on the rocks, have preserved this place from mass tourism. The old peasant farmers went there every morning at dawn to cultivate the vineyards, but today there are only a few lefts: Luigino, Giustino, uncle Aniello and Liberato. To this small group was added Emanuele Vittorio, a Neapolitan odontologist, son of Civita Migliaccio, but above all nephew of Benedetto Migliaccio, one of the founders of the Hay.

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