Virna Borgogno represents the last generation of the family and in 1991, the first woman in Italy, she graduated from the University of Turin in enological techniques. In 2001 the company was also renewed in the image with the inclusion of the VIRNA logo on the label and to identify the company of which Virna becomes the owner and responsible winemaker assisted by his sister Ivana. This change in image is to represent the female presence in the company and in particular, we want to make it clear that behind the wines produced there are people who put all their “knowledge” and their commitment into it.

The village of Barolo lies in the centre of the Langhe, the most prestigious wine-growing area in Piedmont. Borgogno’s family lives and works here in Barolo, on their “VIRNA” estate.

Today the “Virna” estate stretches out over an area of around 12 hectares, producing wines from grapes grown on its own vineyards located in historic crus in the Barolo wine-making area: Cannubi Boschis, Preda, Sarmassa, Cerviano Merli and San Giovanni. As well as Barolo itself, the company also produces Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo, and a blend known simply as Langhe.