The Longariva winery owners:

“Hello, we are Marco and Rosanna of the Azienda Agricola Longariva. We love calling ourselves “Vine-growers for passion”, in love with our work and above all with the soil that we cultivate.
Marco is the driving force, the craftsman … the creator of the grapes and the wine. Rosanna looks after presenting the products, the image of the bottles and the azienda.
In the web pages, we have given special emphasis on describing the personality of our wines more than on technical descriptions. We really do believe that poetry, soul and character mean a lot more than just the technicalities.
And just to top it up, we have added our own photos to the website so that you can experience the rural Lagarina through the different seasons.
We hope that our website will convey our passion and love for the soil around us and that you will be able to share this with us, that is to say our wines. We really do wish this from the heart and we raise our glasses together with you!”

Marco and Rosanna Manica