Born in the twenties and founded by Antonio Cataldi Madonna, at the moment the company – which is located along the southern border of the Gran Sasso National Park in an area that has always been considered one of those with the highest wine-growing vocation in the whole of Abruzzo – it is led by Luigi Cataldi Madonna, son of Antonio, and above all the true architect of the entire renewal of the company project. After starting to bottle its wines in the mid-seventies, today the winery produces over 230 thousand bottles a year, and can count on a total area of ​​over thirty hectares of vineyards, planted exclusively with native and traditional vines such as montepulciano, pecorino and trebbiano. Located at an altitude that varies between 350 and 500 meters above sea level, the vineyards are located, exactly, in the wine-growing area of ​​Ofena, universally recognized as one of the cradles of the highest quality wine in the entire Abruzzo region. Between the rows, the goal is not yields but the balance of the plant, so that each vine can best express in the fruit those that are the peculiar characteristics of the territory. In the cellar, consistent with the setting in the vineyard, we work to preserve in the wine the grit, flavor, freshness and balance already naturally present in the grapes: a search for harmony that is a real trademark, and which has led Cataldi Madonna to be one of the most recognized ambassadors for quality wine in Abruzzo.