The Sartarelli winery owes its existence to grandfather Ferruccio Sartarelli, who was the heart of a lion but also a heart of gold. Appreciated first baker, then entrepreneur, he was an esteemed benefactor and patron of both institutions and less well-off individuals. It is thanks to a strong pioneering spirit that, in 1972, Ferruccio decided to invest in his greatest passion, transforming it into his greatest challenge, the production of quality Verdicchio wine. The headquarters are built around the historic farmhouse in the municipality of Poggio San Marcello, a small precious gem set in the magnificent Marche hills, 350 meters above sea level. The Sartarelli company, with an extension of 55 hectares of vineyards and 6 hectares of olive trees with 2,300 plants, is located on the left side of the Esino river, which is the Classic area for the production of d.o.c. Verdicchio of the Castles of Jesi. In managing the vineyards, Sartarelli has always been committed to respecting the environment, accompanied by the awareness that only a careful choice of grapes and careful aging can produce a superior quality wine. The characteristics of the wines are enhanced by the use of the Verdicchio cultivar, a valuable indigenous variety that allows the product to be enhanced by bringing its peculiar characteristics to maximum expression. For the winery, the selection of particular clones of Verdicchio of ancient origin belonging to old owned vineyards is important, with the aim of producing a refined wine which, while maintaining the varietal typicality, is able to release extraordinary nuances aromatic.

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