Ansitz Dornach

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The story of Dornach estate begins 5000 years ago, around the time settlements were first found in the area, the first documented trace of the term “Dornachhof” (the hill of Dornach) dating back to 1288. In 1836 Anton von Gemini zu Kreuzhof acquired Dornach, his son Max shaping the estate with terraced vineyards and the typical ancient stone walls. The last heirs of the Hausmann family, were three sisters who inherited Dornach in 1980 and after years of effort and dedication completed the renovation of the estate. Today, the heirs of the Von Hausmann and the Von Gelmini families look after the vineyards and the property. Patrick began the conversion to organic farming in 2008 – when the estate’s grapes were again used for its own production – and began applying biodynamic principles to the agriculture. Biodynamics is much more than a simple farming technique. Dornach experience it as a broad development process that involves vineyards, vegetable gardens, animals and finally engages the human element.